About the D.O.C.

The official Desmo Owners Clubs have over 27,000 registered members around the world and represent the second biggest official motorcycle community linked to a brand. Active participation of its members is at the heart of a D.O.C. organization, with regard to both the management of the club and the assignment of roles. D.O.C.s unite a community of fans and are free from any ideology or conditioning of a political, racial, or religious nature. Members of D.O.C.s enjoy exclusive benefits as well as a worldwide network based on a unique passion for bikes and the Ducati brand.

The D.O.C.s’ mission is to offer all Ducati fans a meeting point, both real and virtual, where they can share, feed and promote their passion for the style, performance and glorious racing tradition of Borgo Panigale’s bikes. The official clubs organize activities for members as well as initiatives to attract new fans.

East Coast Ducati Club is an officially sanctioned D.O.C. As a registered non profit society, each year we hold an Annual General Meeting where members vote on the slate of executive officers for the year, those being:

President — the figure of reference that inspires and guides the D.O.C. activities, uniting members around. common passion for the Ducati brand.

Vice President — responsible for the promotion and organization of all activities for the benefit of the members.

Treasurer — responsible for the financial management of the D.O.C., taking care that every aspect is correct and coherent with the needs and obligations of the club.

Secretary — manages the bureaucratic aspects of the D.O.C., such as the member lists, archives, the minutes regarding Board and member meetings, documents regarding privacy laws and any other formal or compliance aspects of operating the club.